Ms Margherita Facchini,
General Manager of Camping San Francesco di Desenzano del Garda and President of Faita Lombardia

"We have noticed a significant improvement in the organisation of the preparation and management of our rooms, particularly on a Saturday, which can be quite a challenging day for us because it's our changeover day and therefore the day when we welcome a large number of new arrivals.
The speed with which the staff prepare rooms is a key variable that helps to communicate an image of professionalism and high-quality service to our guests.
Factors like this are crucial in determining whether guests decide to stay with us again. Guests return if they feel they've received a top-notch service."


Mr Sigmar Cavazza,
Owner of Camping Fornella sul Lago di Garda

"At the end of the season we noticed a significant reduction in costs relating to replacement pillows and mattresses. We didn't find a single one that was stained or damaged which meant we didn't need to make any replacements.
Our guests also appreciated the visual impact of the product. It this has helped to enhance the services that we offer at our campsite."