Waterproof Line

Our waterproof line of mattress and pillow covers is 100% waterproof for extra security and complete personal comfort and hygiene.
The Bed&Trust system will extend the life of your mattresses and significantly reduce your maintenance costs because you will no longer require cleaning detergents or laundry facilities.



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The product is composed of two layers: a polypropylene layer and a microporous fabric top layer. The microporous fabric is made up of millions of tiny holes (smaller than a drop of water) per square centimetre. These holes allow the passage of air, but not fluids.
impermeabile 100 % WATERPROOF
Stops liquids and other substances from reaching the surface of the mattress, preventing stains and extending the mattress life.
An exclusive protection system for your guests (like sleeping on a brand new mattress and pillow).
traspirabile BREATHABLE
The fabric's exceptional breathability reduces sweat build-up for increased comfort.
  confortevole COMFORTABLE
The covers are made from silent, soft, non-woven fabric.
ecologico ECOLOGICAL
100% recyclable. At the end of each use, just add the mattress covers and pillow covers to the plastic recycling bin for recycling.
Reduces the risk of allergies to dust or mites. Protects guests from bacteria and/or fluids that have been absorbed by the mattress and pillow over time.
Ready to use and individually packed in light, ultra-thin, sealed bags. Less bulk compared to traditional cotton mattress covers, making them lighter and easier to handle for housekeeping staff. 
  monouso DISPOSABLE
Compared to a cotton mattress cover, a disposable mattress cover doesn't require washing or ironing, thereby reducing your dependence on laundry services and management costs.
  An exclusive service makes the difference:
create guest awareness.

Today, guest expectations are increasingly demanding and their attention to cleanliness ever more acute.
Using the disposable Bed&Trust system is a great way of strengthening and growing your business by showing guests that comfort and cleanliness are a top priority for you.

  A safe product.
A certified product.

Bed&Trust has achieved TÜV Rheinland product certification for passing all test and trial requirements for compliance with European safety standards.