Advantages of our system:



An exclusive service for your guests

Nowadays, it's your ability to meet a guest's every need that makes your establishment stand out from the crowd.
The bedroom is where your guests can enjoy some privacy. It is also a place where they need to feel pampered and welcome, in a clean and safe environment.
Choosing Bed&Trust offers you an opportunity to increase turnover by demonstrating to your guests that comfort and cleanliness are a top priority for you.
You'll receive even more positive reviews on tourism websites, which will quickly and exponentially increase the success of your business and, consequently, improve your establishment's European rating.

  • Personal protection (like sleeping on a brand new mattress and pillow)
  • Improved standards of cleanliness
  • Cleanliness you can see
  • Guests feel valued

An economic advantage for your establishment

Increased turnover also comes as a result of reduced costs: with Bed&Trust you'll know the real cost of each apartment or room, and thereby be able to control and forecast this cost. With Bed&Trust you'll be able to reduce your dependence on laundry services. The Bed&Trust system will simplify and facilitate the work of housekeeping staff because it's quick and easy to fit (thanks to the elastic corners), easy to carry, ready to use (it comes wrapped) and takes up minimal space on the linen trolley, thereby reducing trips to and from the linen store.
The Bed&Trust system will extend the life of mattresses and pillows and significantly reduce the number of replacements required at the end of a season due to damage from stains and dirt.
The covers take up minimal space in your linen store, allowing you to optimise storeroom organisation and costs.

  • Fewer stained or damaged pillows and mattresses to replace
  • Fixed, known costs
  • No dependence on laundry services (for pillow covers and mattress covers)
  • Facilitates the work of housekeeping staff
  • Complete protection for mattresses and pillows

Cleanliness you can see

The Bed&Trust system helps to improve the image of your rooms and consequently that of your establishment. Made from high-quality certified materials, the system protects guests from bacteria and/or other substances (like sweat) that have been absorbed by the mattress or pillow over time.
The system will guarantee your guests a cleaner, more comfortable and peaceful stay.

  • A disposable product dedicated to the comfort and well-being of your guests
  • Soft, fluffy, breathable (anti-sweat) material offering maximum comfort
  • Guaranteed cleanliness
  • Certified product
  • High level of water resistance
  • Health-conscious

Fully recyclable material

The product is also eco-friendly. After use, just add it to your plastic recycling bin for recycling.
This feature is particularly welcomed by establishments who are members of eco-associations (e.g.

  • 100% recyclable
  • Pure material
  • Chemical-free

ROI – Return On Investment

Your initial investment in the Bed&Trust system will be amply rewarded by guest satisfaction.

  • New selection criteria
  • Differentiation
  • Guest loyalty
  • Rise in positive reviews
  • Referrals from guests to their friends and family (word of mouth)
  • New guest acquisition


RESULT: Increase in turnover