How to make guests choose you

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Bed&Trust is a disposable mattress and pillow cover system that is ideal
for short stays (campsites, hotels or apartment complexes).
Find out how to gain the trust of guests and guarantee
even more positive reviews on tourism websites.
How to meet guests' needs

Advantages of the B&T system:


Cleanliness you can see.

Your guests can enjoy a restful night's sleep in a bed that is fitted with a soft, hygienic, disposable, odourless and waterproof mattress cover.


Savings in cleaning services.

Extends the life of your mattresses and pillows while reducing maintenance, management and cleaning costs.


An exclusive service.

An innovative product, dedicated to the comfort and well-being of guests, that will enhance the image of your establishment through positive reviews.



Ms Margherita Facchini, General Manager of
Camping San Francesco di Desenzano del Garda
and President of Faita Lombardia

"We have noticed a significant improvement in the organisation of the preparation and management of our rooms, particularly on a Saturday..."

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Mr Sigmar Cavazza, Owner of
Camping Fornella sul Lago di Garda

"At the end of the season we noticed a significant reduction in costs relating to replacement pillows and mattresses. We didn't find a single one that..."

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